The links below are a list of resources that are outside of the District 39 website. You will find a variety of links to different leagues, districts, and other baseball related sites.

D39 Leagues

Other Little League Sites

Other Baseball Sites

Other Sites

  • Photo Rewards - This site has pictures from games within District 39

Umpire Links

  • - is an online assigning system used by the District and a number of leagues within the District.
  • Between The Lines Officials Gear - At BTL our mission is simple. Provide quality products at reasonable prices and superior customer service. Our focus is to help you look sharper, be more comfortable and perform better.
  • Gerry Davis Sports - Providing you with equipment and apparel made specifically for officials.
  • Honig's Whistle Stop Online Store - Honig's Whistle Stop has been in business since 1984. We have a number of active college and high school officials on our staff. We feel we know the likes, dislikes, and desires of the officiating community.
  • The Amateur Baseball Umpire Page - This site has good information about umpiring, however it is old and some rules may have changed.
  • The Baseball Heckle Depot - For all you bad baseball hecklers out there, and all your embarrased friends, this site is for you.



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